Benchmarking is a great tool. And analysis is always insightful.

But you also need to do something based on it – like launching a new proposition, a new product or addressing a new customer segment. You might also need to demonstrate thought leadership.

Training_testWe help you prepare your go-to-market strategy

As shown by our references, tefficient has made go-to-market preparation projects with telecom operators and suppliers:

  • Entry into mobile: Positioning and propositions
  • Quad-play introduction: Competitive scan, positioning and propositions
  • Develop a Nonstop Retention® agenda for increased attractiveness and loyalty
  • Mobile data monetisation: Best practice, differentiation and propositions
  • Integrating Wi-Fi into mobile data monetisation
  • Mobile video: Best practice, positioning and proposition

We have also helped operators and suppliers to demonstrate thought leadership:

Aptilo last piece front2 Tele2 sponsored analysis 2015 front2
Nexterday Vol II

In addition to these, we have ghostwritten several white papers, industry analyses and solution papers under our customers’ names. And compiled a few slide decks.

From time to time, we are asked to present thought leadership material to the customer’s customers. Something we enjoy doing! Or let us present it in a webinar.

Webinar SP Wi-Fi Show me the money VoDAllan NL





tefficient can work with you to prepare the foundation for a go-to-market strategy that actually makes a difference. Within our team, we have the go-to-market expertise – combined with deep insight into telecoms business – as well as a people who are good at writing. We can also help with collecting customer feedback to develop your go-to-market strategy.

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