1. Nordic operator benchmark 2019
  2. Interviewing 23 executives and experts for Ericsson ConsumerLab research on 5G consumer potential
  3. How to continue to improve mobile service revenue and customer loyalty
  4. Nordic operator benchmark 2018
  5. International mobile switching and number porting analysis
  6. The secret behind Elisa’s financials
  7. Six calls to action – directly from consumers
  8. Analysis and recommendations on mobile proposition refresh
  9. Speaker at Wi-Fi World Congress Europe 2017
  10. Speaker at Comptel’s Nexterday North 2017
  11. Nordic operator benchmark 2017
  12. Analysis and interviews on CAPEX efficiency and predictive analytics
  13. Nonstop Retention benchmark and European quad-play best practice
  14. Workshop host at Comptel’s Nexterday North 2016
  15. Speaker at Wi-Fi NOW 2016 London
  16. Network sharing JV benchmark 2016
  17. Analysis of the development of mobile data monetisation in a specific country
  18. Nordic operator benchmark 2016
  19. Wi-Fi Calling white paper for Aptilo
  20. Market share calculations for a country market
  21. Aptilo sponsored analysis: “Wi-Fi – the last piece of the customer retention puzzle?”
  22. Speaker at Wi-Fi NOW Europe
  23. Speaker at Comptel’s Nexterday North
  24. Competitive dashboard for four country markets
  25. Tele2 sponsored analysis: “Increase loyalty. Increase revenue. Reduce SAC/SRC. Is the combo possible?”
  26. Network sharing JV benchmark 2015
  27. Nordic operator benchmark 2015
  28. Operator proposition & positioning analysis and workshops
  29. OPEX and CAPEX breakdown for operators in seven large countries
  30. Contributing to Comptel’s book “Operation Nexterday”
  31. Speaker at the Wi-Fi Innovation Summit
  32. Identifying non-traditional initiatives to increase efficiency
  33. Quad and convergent play: Providing fact-based recommendations
  34. Network sharing JV benchmark 2014
  35. Whitepaper: 10 more methods to monetise mobile data
  36. Sweden-Finland-Norway-specific mobile operator benchmark 2014
  37. Workshops on 4G LTE and fibre adoption with Comptel’s customers
  38. Presentation on benchmarking and the Dutch mobile market
  39. Shared plans: Providing fact-based recommendations
  40. How to best monetise mobile data: Providing fact-based recommendations
  41. Operator profiling: Business results, strategy, competitive differentiation, partnerships
  42. Workshop: How to include Wi-Fi in mobile data monetisation
  43. Monetising big data: Operator best practice
  44. Network sharing JV benchmark 2013
  45. Sweden-Finland-Norway-specific mobile operator benchmark 2013
  46. Guest speaker at Comptel’s MWC stand 2013
  47. Monetising data traffic: International implementations and outcome
  48. Efficiency Index
  49. Keynote speaker at Comptel User Group 2012
  50. Comparative strategy and business result analysis of a global operator group
  51. Market analysis of fixed and converging operators

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