We provide our readers and customers with facts and fact-based analysis – not opinions.

We think a good analysis contains less words and more numbers & graphs – so we work hard to improve the visualisation of complex data.

Our analyses

Analyses done for our customers are by nature confidential – even though the actions taken based on them often lead to products or strategies that become very visible.

We are, however, writing many of our analyses without a customer in mind: Since we started our business, more than 50 papers have been published as public industry analyses – free for anybody to download and read.

In a few cases, these analyses have been sponsored:

Increase loyalty. Increase revenue. Reduce SAC/SRC. Is the combo possible?

Wi-Fi – the last piece of the customer retention puzzle?

ARPU improved when data usage growth slowed down and Mobile operators demonstrate strengthened ability to improve ARPU on the back of data usage growth


In addition, there’s Tefficient’s blog. It’s lighter and, occasionally, a bit less balanced.

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