1. Training_testSpeaker at Comptel’s Nexterday North 2017
  2. Nordic operator benchmark 2017
  3. Analysis and interviews on CAPEX efficiency and predictive analytics
  4. Nonstop Retention benchmark and European quad-play best practice
  5. Workshop host at Comptel’s Nexterday North 2016
  6. Speaker at Wi-Fi NOW 2016 London
  7. Network sharing JV benchmark 2016
  8. Analysis of the development of mobile data monetisation in a specific country
  9. Nordic operator benchmark 2016
  10. Wi-Fi Calling white paper for Aptilo
  11. Market share calculations for a country market
  12. Aptilo sponsored analysis: “Wi-Fi – the last piece of the customer retention puzzle?”
  13. Speaker at Wi-Fi NOW Europe
  14. Speaker at Comptel’s Nexterday North
  15. Competitive dashboard for four country markets
  16. Tele2 sponsored analysis: “Increase loyalty. Increase revenue. Reduce SAC/SRC. Is the combo possible?”
  17. Network sharing JV benchmark 2015
  18. Nordic operator benchmark 2015
  19. Operator proposition & positioning analysis and workshops
  20. OPEX and CAPEX breakdown for operators in seven large countries
  21. Contributing to Comptel’s book “Operation Nexterday”
  22. Speaker at the Wi-Fi Innovation Summit
  23. Identifying non-traditional initiatives to increase efficiency
  24. Quad and convergent play: Providing fact-based recommendations
  25. Network sharing JV benchmark 2014
  26. Whitepaper: 10 more methods to monetise mobile data
  27. Sweden-Finland-Norway-specific mobile operator benchmark 2014
  28. Workshops on 4G LTE and fibre adoption with Comptel’s customers
  29. Presentation on benchmarking and the Dutch mobile market
  30. Shared plans: Providing fact-based recommendations
  31. How to best monetise mobile data: Providing fact-based recommendations
  32. Operator profiling: Business results, strategy, competitive differentiation, partnerships
  33. Workshop: How to include Wi-Fi in mobile data monetisation
  34. Monetising big data: Operator best practice
  35. Network sharing JV benchmark 2013
  36. Sweden-Finland-Norway-specific mobile operator benchmark 2013
  37. Guest speaker at Comptel’s MWC stand 2013
  38. Monetising data traffic: International implementations and outcome
  39. Efficiency Index
  40. Keynote speaker at Comptel User Group 2012
  41. Comparative strategy and business result analysis of a global operator group
  42. Market analysis of fixed and converging operators

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