More data? Always. For more? It happens.

New! Mobile data usage and revenue for 115 operators

Tefficient’s 20th public analysis on the development and drivers of mobile data follows on our country-focused analysis published in July.

In our latest analysis we have ranked 115 operators based on:

  • Average data usage per SIM
  • Total data traffic
  • Revenue per gigabyte

The data usage per SIM grew for all operators. And it grew quickly. But what happened to ARPU? Could operators monetise the data usage growth?

Our Christmas tree graph visualises those that delivered on “more for more” – and those that are just followed the “more for less” stream.

Download analysis: More data? Always. For more? It happens.

The analysis is updated compared to the version of 6 September – which was emailed to recipients on our early distribution list. Figures for the three Belgian operators were updated, affecting ranking. It’s also updated compared to the first online version of 8 September. Elisa’s ARPU growth was updated in Figure 15 using Elisa’s Finnish+Estonian mobile service revenue (reported) as approximation for Finland (not reported).