Spotting the operators capable of monetising the data usage growth

Data usage, traffic and revenue per GB for 124 operators

This is tefficient’s 18th public analysis on the development and drivers of mobile data. It follows on our just-published analysis “More for less” tips the balance that compares 35 countries.

We have ranked 124 operators based on average data usage per SIM, total data traffic and revenue per gigabyte.

The data usage per SIM grew for all operators. And it grows quickly. But what happens to ARPU? Have operators been able to monetise usage growth following the more-for-more mantra?

In an upfront way, our new Christmas tree graph visualises the operators that are delivering on more-for-more – and those that are just following the more-for-less stream.

Download analysis: tefficient industry analysis 4 2017 mobile data usage and revenue per operator Q3 2017

This is an updated version from the one originally published. The 2017 revenue position of Elisa has changed following an interaction with Elisa that helped us to estimate the revenue of Elisa’s newly acquired companies Starman and Santa Monica Networks in Estonia – all based on figures communicated by Elisa for 2016. This prorated estimation improves Elisa’s revenue growth.