Cloud gaming and immersive video in a 5G perspective

Which cloud gaming and immersive video propositions are leading operators offering their 5G customers? How have operators gone about it; partnering with global brands, integrating a white label product – or even building it on their own?

KT 모델들이 14일부터 통신사에 관계 없이 110종의 게임을 마음껏 즐길 수 있는 구독형 스트리밍 게임 서비스 ‘게임박스’를 소개하고 있다.
KT celebrating 40k GameBox customers one month after launch

What about exclusivity? Can anyone buy or is it just for connectivity customers? Even for 5G customers only? Or have operators made the cloud gaming/immersive video service inclusive? If so, on an all plans or just on the more premium plans?

In this project we summarised and categorised all propositions in leading 5G markets globally and could spot some global trends.

Commissioned by an operator group.