Network sharing JV benchmark 2016

Benchmarks, 2016Network sharing benchmark

For the fourth consecutive year: Comprehensive business benchmark including a total of 163 revenue, OPEX, CAPEX, TCO, productivity, traffic load and network quality KPIs – with a peer group solely consisting of network sharing joint ventures.

The following JVs were invited to participate:

Invited JVs 2016

These JVs are established and operational, use active radio network sharing and are based in mature mobile markets globally.

Due to pre-agreed confidentiality requirements, the JVs actually participating in the benchmark are anonymous.

The results demonstrate the value of the JV-specific benchmark approach: Network sharing JVs have through focus on core activities, higher freedom in selecting operation methods and attention to detail established cost and productivity levels that are elevated beyond the obvious sharing effect. Also network quality is very high even though the traffic load increases through the sharing.

To improve further, JVs thus need to compare with their likes – other JVs – and not to regular mobile operators.

The benchmark will run again in March 2017.