Upsell and loyalty strategies of operators: Using public Wi-Fi as customer magnet

Wi-Fi as customer magnetIn this analysis – our fifth on the subject – we show how telcos, cellcos and cablecos in mature markets in Europe, America and APAC use public Wi-Fi to attract and retain customers – and to upsell.

We also update you on Wi-Fi usage and deployment. You might be surprised to see that the wide adoption of 4G LTE and an increasing use of mobile data meant more Wi-Fi, not less.

  • Is the smartphone a 3G/4G – or a Wi-Fi – device?
  • Benchmarking public Wi-Fi deployments
  • Public Wi-Fi usage
  • Trending: Unlimited mobile data
  • Best practices for automatic offloading
  • Wi-Fi Calling usage
  • Best practices for using Wi-Fi to reap business benefits

Download analysis: tefficient industry analysis 4 2016 Using public Wi-Fi as customer magnet