Nonstop Retention benchmark and European quad-play best practice

Analysis and Go-to-market, 2016

Nonstop Retention® benchmark: Calculating and comparing the Nonstop Retention Index for mobile brands (MNOs, sub-brands and main MVNOs) in one specific major European market. Identifying best practice and showing current trends. Recommending propositions and actions to improve customer loyalty per brand.

European quad-play best practice: Fact-based before/after analysis of how the introduction of quad-play propositions changed key business characteristics like mobile bases and distribution, take-up of mobile postpaid, take-up of converged subscriptions, take-up of FTTH, take-up of IPTV, revenues, EBITDA, churn and SAC/SRC. Identification of the true drivers behind quad-play take-up. Applying the findings on the local market and recommending a local quad-play approach.

Commissioned by a telecom operator.