Prepping for 5G: Monetisation model and FWA define usage

This is tefficient’s 23rd public analysis of the development and drivers of mobile data.

Mobile data usage is still growing in all of the 39 countries covered by this analysis. Two countries stand out – China and India.

But China and India aren’t yet challenging the usage top – where the two unlimited superpowers, Finland and Taiwan, still reign.

Data-only remains a key driver for overall usage and new figures from Czech Republic, Latvia, Finland and Austria add insight to the extreme usage pattern of fixed wireless access.

While 4G’s impact on usage deteriorates, 5G is initially another story. In May, the average Korean 5G subscription used 26 GB of 5G data. During the same month, the average 4G subscription used 8 GB of 4G data.

There is a prerequisite for continued data usage growth, though: The total revenue per gigabyte can’t be too high – like in Canada and Belgium.

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New version 9 July – contains corrections in Figure 16 and 17 for Italy, Hungary, Korea and Singapore