Interviewing operators on sentiments towards current and future mobile data monetisation and service bundling

Reference: Analysis, 2022

Tefficient conducted a series of one-to-one interviews with operator executives from various global markets to gain insights into their perspectives on mobile data monetisation and service bundling models, with a focus on current and future trends.

The interviews delved into topics such as the sufficiency of current bucket and unlimited tiered mobile data propositions, the pricing of 5G, the success of speed tiering, and how content bundling can help operators. Experiences from hard bundling, soft bundling (with choice), add-on sales and content aggregation were discussed. Additionally, the interviews explored how operators can design their propositions in a QoE and slicing future where tiering is not limited to volume, speed, and content.

Through these interviews, Tefficient was able to analyse and compare the operators’ sentiments towards these issues, and provide a summary and conclusion. These findings provided additional context to the customer’s numerical analysis on mobile data monetisation and service packaging. The identities of the operators are kept anonymous.

The interviews were commissioned by a global equipment and service provider, seeking to gain a better understanding of the industry’s views on these topics.