Nordic operator benchmark 2023: A decade of excellence

Reference: Benchmarks, 2023

In its tenth year, our comprehensive business benchmark raised the standard with an extensive range of 964 key performance indicators (KPIs). Covering crucial areas such as revenue, OPEX, CAPEX, headcount productivity, subscriptions & channels, performance, load, quality, and innovation & growth, this benchmark caters to 53 functions across mobile, fixed, and integrated operators.

Exclusively sourced from leading Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Danish operators, the peer group data is of the highest quality. To honor pre-agreed confidentiality requirements, participating operators remain anonymous, safeguarding the privacy of their data.

Tefficient’s benchmark has earned the reputation of being the industry’s best-kept secret. However, its outstanding value has enticed a couple of new participants this year, joining the returning operators who actively rely on the benchmark to drive continuous improvement.

The results obtained through this benchmark highlight the significance of a region-specific approach. Nordic operators possess global leadership in various business aspects, making an out-of-region benchmark insufficient for guiding their further progress. On the other hand, participating operators now have access to a powerful tool that strengthens their local competitiveness even more.

As we do every year, the Nordic operator benchmark will continue to evolve based on invaluable input from participants (we just hope we can avoid breaking the 1000 KPI threshold). The next cycle is scheduled to commence in January 2024. For more detailed information about the benchmark, please read more here.