Equipment sales and bundling: Best practices

Analysis & Go-to-market, 2020

Which are the equipment sales models in mobile and how have they developed over time? Can best practices be spotted when comparing equipment sales and profitability for a large number of mature market operators globally?

Using facts: What outputs are different equipment sales models such as subsidy, instalment, leasing, rental and BYOD generating – and how is an early upgrade promise affecting?

In this project we identified and documented a few operator best practices across different models in different markets.

What are their propositions – and how are they marketing it? What business results have they been able to achieve? What major modifications have they done to their model and propositions?

How is 5G affecting how equipment is sold and bundled? Has operators’ propensity to subsidise equipment increased? What can be learned from early 5G markets? How is the 5G equipment unit price and capabilities developing at key manufacturers?

Based on these facts, which are Tefficient’s recommendations for when what model/what best practice should be used? (Or not).

Commissioned by an operator group.