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How operators use Wi-Fi to strengthen existing business

Wi-Fi dollarWi-Fi has become a tool in the operator toolbox. In this analysis – our third on the subject – we show how telcos, cellcos and cablecos use Wi-Fi to strengthen existing business. It’s a mixture of hotspots, homespots and new business models.

Time is right for operators to include Wi-Fi into a combined connectivity experience for customers – a carrier-grade experience. This analysis contains the best practices and the motivation you need.

Download analysis: tefficient public industry analysis 6 2014 How operators use Wi-Fi to strengthen existing business


Workshop: How to include Wi-Fi in mobile data monetisation

Analysis & Consulting, 2013

Which operators in the world have advanced the furthest in incorporating operator Wi-Fi – based on hotspots and/or homespots – into a solution to offload mobile data and enhance the mobility of Wi-Fi-only devices? Which are their figures? What are the strategies and drivers behind? How has monetisation been solved? Are strategies different for telcos, cellcos and cablecos?

How should we apply what’s happening elsewhere onto our local competitive context? What should we be prepared for?

tefficient was asked to prepare and faciliate a workshop – focusing on these questions – for key stakeholders within an international operator group.