Nordic operator benchmark 2015

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For the third consecutive year: Comprehensive business benchmark including more than 500 KPIs covering revenue, OPEX, CAPEX, headcount productivity, subscriptions & channels, performance, load, quality and innovation & growth – for 33 functions within a mobile operator, within a fixed/cable operator and/or within an integrated operator – respectively.

Peer group data exclusively from Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish operators. Due to pre-agreed confidentiality requirements, the identities of the participating operators are fully anonymous.

The results demonstrate the value of a region-specific benchmark approach: Nordic operators have global leadership in a wide array of business aspects and a global benchmark would therefore leave them without guidance on how to improve further. In contrast, participating operators now have a great tool to improve their local competitiveness even further.

More info on the concluded 2015 Nordic benchmark

The benchmark will run again in January 2016. Operators can participate either as a mobile entity, as a fixed/cable entity, as an integrated (fixed and mobile) entity – or any combination thereof.