40k unique visitors last twelve months – here’s what’s popular

Not counting social media activity – LinkedIn and Twitter – tefficient had 40 000 unique visitors at tefficient.com and nonstopretention.com in the last twelve months.

Here’s what you read the most (click to enlarge):

Most read LTM Feb 2016

BucketMobile data usage and price analysis continues to be popular: 13% of all visitors accessed the four analyses in the top list.

4G LTEThe five listed adoption and coverage comparisons on 4G LTE attracted 10% of all visitors.

Nonstop Retention

The two Nonstop Retention pages in the top list attracted 5% of all visitors.

Subsidy on offVisitors are also interested in non-subsidy and non-binding models for equipment sales – 3% of all visitors read and downloaded the top-two analyses on this subject.

In case you missed any of the most popular analyses – here’s a quick reference list:

  1. Finland: The land of three thousand Megabytes Mar 2015
  2. Nonstop Retention Index Sep 2015
  3. The best Nordic 4G networks: Crowdsourced reality vs. marketed population coverage Sep 2015
  4. 4G LTE coverage: Europe cathcing up, led by less populated countries Dec 2014
  5. Mobile data usage: Price and bucket size matter Jun 2015
  6. Tele2: From industry’s black sheep to customer’s best friend? Mar 2015
  7. Liberty Global buys a mobile operator. What does it mean for Europe? Apr 2015
  8. Nordic operator benchmark Oct 2015
  9. Why 100% population coverage on 4G doesn’t imply a great customer experience Mar 2015
  10. 4G penetration top 21 of Europe May 2015
  11. “Peak data” in sight Dec 2014
  12. 5 GB per any SIM and month no longer a utopia – if price is right Jan 2016
  13. 4G population coverage: Marketing vs. Reality Apr 2015
  14. Increase loyalty. Increase revenue. Reduce SAC/SRC. Is the combo possible? Jun 2015
  15. Denmark – 5 months after the non-merger Feb 2016
  16. T-Mobile USA takes top spot in Nonstop Retention Sep 2015
  17. How carriers are using Wi-Fi across the world Nov 2015