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Nonstop Retention benchmark and European quad-play best practice

Analysis and Go-to-market, 2016

Nonstop Retention® benchmark: Calculating and comparing the Nonstop Retention Index for mobile brands (MNOs, sub-brands and main MVNOs) in one specific major European market. Identifying best practice and showing current trends. Recommending propositions and actions to improve customer loyalty per brand.

European quad-play best practice: Fact-based before/after analysis of how the introduction of quad-play propositions changed key business Continue reading Nonstop Retention benchmark and European quad-play best practice

Instant messaging and ad blocking – the new normal?

There has been a lot of talk – and increasing irritation – about pigeonholing, especially the younger (18 to 24 year olds), consumers to a tightly defined segment. Generalisations can be dangerous, especially for those companies that still primarily make the effort of engaging with their customers when they are buying something and spend most of their marketing dollars in digital and other forms of advertising.


But loyalty comes from understanding what makes your customers tick – and this knowledge can only be derived from active conversations with the community, regardless if they are Millennials or those labelled Generation X. Nevertheless, it is useful to understand broadly how the different consumer segments are behaving and what motivates them. But we’ll come back to this in a bit. Continue reading Instant messaging and ad blocking – the new normal?

Wi-Fi Calling – read all about it…

Wi-Fi Calling is relatively new – and then, not really. In 2014, Apple’s launch of iOS 8 with embedded Wi-Fi Calling marked a milestone for voice calling with mobile devices, despite several years of Voice over Wi-Fi services in various guises preceding iOS 8.

Aptilo Networks – a leading provider of carrier-class systems to manage data services with advanced functions for authentication, policy control and charging – has released a White Paper titled “Seamless Next Generation Wi-Fi Calling”, which is written by Allan Greve of tefficient.

L_C898.tmp Continue reading Wi-Fi Calling – read all about it…

Increase loyalty. Increase revenue. Reduce SAC/SRC. Is the combo possible?

Decoupled, non-binding, unsubsidised: A game changer?

Our analysis shows that mature market mobile operators on average use 15-20% of service revenue on subscriber acquisition and subscriber retention cost (SAC/SRC). In most cases without growing.Decoupled Non-binding Unsubsidised

Consequently, we examine the success of the operators who – in order to reduce SAC/SRC and improve margin – are challenging the mature market norm with binding contracts with coupled, subsidised, equipment. Continue reading Increase loyalty. Increase revenue. Reduce SAC/SRC. Is the combo possible?

Operator proposition & positioning analysis and workshops

Analysis & Go-to-market, 2015

Preparing analysis of the commercial and financial development for competing operators – aligning it with their respective propositions and positioning. Focusing on the operators in the market in question – but supplementing it with analysis of other international markets relevant to take learning from and apply in a local context. Continue reading Operator proposition & positioning analysis and workshops

OPEX and CAPEX breakdown for operators in seven large countries

Analysis & Go-to-market, 2015

Providing a global solutions provider with a country-per-country OPEX and CAPEX breakdown comparison between all major operators in seven large countries – based on combining operator reported figures, regulatory data, market data and operators’ communicated plans & targets with tefficient‘s understanding of what is industry typical given market position and strategy.

Contributing to Comptel’s book “Operation Nexterday”

Analysis & Go-to-market 2015

comptel_logo_bwIn cooperation with key Comptel experts, writing and editing key parts of Comptel’s book “Operation Nexterday” which was launched at Mobile World Congress 2015.

Comptel MWC15

Quad and convergent play: tefficient provides fact-based recommendations

quad signAnalysis & Go-to-market, 2014

How have operators introduced mobile-fixed convergent quad-play in Europe’s most advanced markets France, Spain, Portugal – and in emerging quad markets like Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Germany? How has competition reacted?

Using facts: How have these quad introductions affected market share, churn, acquisition & retention cost, demand for mobile, fibre-speed broadband and TV – and revenue and margin? Which defensive actions can non-convergent operators take?

Which factors can be attributed to effective take-up of quad play? Market share, fibre deployment and homepass, TV offers, exclusive content – or is it just about bundling discounts? What discount levels are we talking about?

Based on international facts and best practice, what would tefficient recommend? Taking local conditions, operator strategy and market position into account.

Commissioned by two operators.