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Evaluating mobile service value for money across 12 EU countries

The Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission, EETT, functions as Greece’s national regulatory authority for telecommunications.

In response to EETT’s request, Tefficient has conducted an extensive benchmark analysis, focusing on value for money, spanning twelve EU and Euro countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Spain.

While the primary focus of the benchmark is on Greece, its insights provide valuable perspectives for the telecommunications industry in the remaining eleven countries.

Key conclusions for Greece include:

  • Mobile Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is approximately on par but with a notable increase
  • Mobile data usage is low but exhibits the most significant growth
  • Voice usage is the highest among the peer group but continues to see robust growth
  • The total mobile revenue per gigabyte of mobile data is high but demonstrates a marked decrease
  • Voice revenue per mobile voice minute aligns with the median and experiences median erosion
  • In terms of value for money, Greece ranks weaker in data offerings compared to most of its peers but stronger than most in voice services

Several selected example graphs are presented below.

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Public Wi-Fi: Lost in transition to 5G?

Two years ago, telcos were still proudly reporting their progress in utilisation of their own public Wi-Fi hotspots for cost efficient offloading of mobile data. Public Wi-Fi was also positioned as an investment in a better customer experience – especially in public indoor environments. Telcos that were late with 4G – such as in Taiwan and Belgium – could utilise their public Wi-Fi to bridge the transition from 3G to 4G.

You can find this in our telco Wi-Fi analysis from September 2016.

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Plan B: Avoid the merger-to-no-merger journey

EU 4The shock waves reverberate in the European telecoms industry ever since Telenor and TeliaSonera in September deemed it pointless to continue negotiations with the European Commission to win support for a mobile merger between Telenor and Telia in Denmark. Continue reading Plan B: Avoid the merger-to-no-merger journey

Mobile consolidation: Less is more?

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You already have a view about the consolidation of mobile operators in Europe, don’t you?

FourSome people believe that four mobile operators are the guarantee for sufficient market competition. The entry of Free Mobile in France suggests this. Continue reading Mobile consolidation: Less is more?